Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Add Gift Certificates To Your Holiday Wish List!

Struggling with budget while trying to plan the biggest day of your life?  Add gift certificates to your   holiday wish list and enjoy some guilt-free spending!

No bride-to-be wants to unwrap another candle or figurine because it's neutral and friends aren't sure what to buy.  Help them know exactly what you want by asking for gift certificates to help add some "extras" to your perfect celebration.  They don't need to spend huge amounts to make it worth your while either.  

Consider this, 20 brilliant gift-givers each buy you a $20 gift certificate and you now have $400 to spend any way you wish.  That may be the chair covers you scrapped to afford the better cake.  Or maybe an opportunity to add our "Day-of" coordination package to keep your celebration on-track and hassle-free.  Whatever the detail that makes your day even more perfect for you, it's at your fingertips and the only thing you've sacrificed is another sweater that wasn't quite your style anyway.  

Share our info with all your friends and family today...before they fight the Black Friday crowds to get you that perfect cheese ball tray. 

They can call us at (317) 348-7642 or email at