Saturday, December 28, 2013

Does Do-it-yourself Really Mean "Yourself"?

We all have an inner voice that says "That doesn't look so hard.  I can do it myself.".   But do we really have the time to do everything on our own?  Or do we even want to?  How exhausting!

My experience is that most couples really can handle some of the details on their own to reduce spending in some areas.  On the other hand, I've seen many couples take on too much and re-spend their savings right back into a different area because they overpaid for services or products that they didn't have the experience to know the "going price" for or have the bulk buying power to get the best deals.  That's the pitfall We strive to protect our clients from.

When the budget doesn't allow for full planning services to be handled by a professional, consider a consultation with a planner who can help you decide who can manage some portions of your celebration while some are the sole ownership of the couple, and others are well worth paying a professional.  Which details fall into which category varies greatly from couple to couple.

There are many things that can be delegated to trusted friends and family but that depends a great deal on the skills and dependability of your helpers, the overall style of your event, and the venue's rules and guidelines.  For instance, many venues don't allow food to be brought in by anyone other than a licensed caterer.  Others limit the access time to the space which greatly limits the ability for a decorating crew to make magic happen.  For this reason, consulting a planner early will go a long way toward helping you select a venue that allows you the freedom to tackle some of the work and include your own personal touches without adding to the hassle.

Finally, no time should be more exciting than the time leading up to your wedding day.  Make sure you recruit enough help that it doesn't turn into an all-consuming and overwhelming job that you can't wait to be finished with.   You can't replace this time and you won't forget the frustration that comes along with being in over your head.  Let us help you make it a fun and memorable experience that you can look back on with a smile, knowing you included your own touches with your own hands and enjoyed every minute of it.

Best wishes as you plan!

Terri Yeary
(317) 348-7642