Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Setting the Mood:

When you start thinking about how you want your wedding to look, try thinking more about how it will "feel".  

The decor and style you use in your planning will set the overall "mood" for your entire celebration.  This holds true for every wedding style from the fairy tale princess, to the rustic barn dance, to...yes...even the Halloween themed wedding.  (Can't wait to see some of these unfold this year.)

For instance, if your guests enter into a room with disco lights and bright colors, there will immediately become an expectation of a dance party and it's in our nature to mentally prepare for that party.  This is terrific news!  ...unless you were hoping for a sense of formal elegance and to be treated like a princess today. 

Likewise, we can't create a setting worthy of the Queen's Tea and be surprised that the dance floor isn't "pumping".  

There really is no "wrong style" as long as it's done tastefully and consistently.  A professional planner/coordinator can help ensure you set the mood you're looking for.  

Remember, it's all about you as a couple and how you want to remember your special day.  Best Wishes and Happy Planning!

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