Thursday, February 6, 2014

Loving Your Valentine Doesn't Have to Eat Up Your Budget!

For many of us, the economy & Christmas have already put a damper on our "disposable income".  Now, for many of our clients, an added expense of planning a wedding or other large event means even tighter reins on where our dollars go. comes Valentine's Day, right in the middle of our bustle.  What to do??

If this is you (like it is me and most people I know) think of the smaller, more personal touches you can make happen for your special Valentine this year.  

*There's the ever obvious "Dinner In" option. - I can make steak and lobster (complete with salad & baked potato) at home for about $20, instead of the typical $100 check at a fancy restaurant.  Chicken meals for 2 can be as little as $10.  Don't forget to include something sweet for desert and dress the table accordingly!

*Sweetheart Notes can be sweet and fun. - Children's style valentine cards are an easy, inexpensive way to do this daily or in several places.  Just make sure to add a personal note that is just for your sweetheart.  And my hubby is a chocolate lover so you can bet there'll be a sweet treat included with at least some of them.  Quietly stash them on a bathroom sink, in the car, on his pillow, wherever they might be found unexpectedly.  

*Follow the rose petals. - Dollar stores offer bags with more than enough artificial rose petals to create a walkway to the dinner table (or bedroom).  And for a dollar, you don't have to feel bad about throwing them away afterward.  

For more budget friendly Valentine's Day ideas (including special recipes) visit our friends at or pick up their FREE ebook at

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