Monday, March 3, 2014

Getting Fit-Part 2 "Small Changes"

Hey, glad to see you decided to join us for this trek!  Remember to make slow changes and don't pressure yourself to get fast results.  Here's where we start.  

STEP 1: DO's
Start making small lifestyle changes at least 6 months before your wedding.  Even sooner if possible.  
-Trade in one of your meals each day for a salad or fruit & veggie plate.  Continue to eat the foods you enjoy for the other 2 meals, slightly shrinking portions where possible.  
-Keep fresh fruits & veggies on hand for snacking.  
-Start an exercise routine with just 5 or 10 ab crunches (or squats, push ups, whatever you're most concerned about) and add one more each day.  
-Drink plenty of water.  If you normally drink soda, try to find ways to challenge yourself to trade it in for water.  For instance, requiring yourself to drink a glass of water before having that soda.  
This is especially important if you've started exercising regularly.  Getting into the habit of drinking water throughout the day will make you feel better overall.  Most people notice softer, fresher skin in as little as a week after getting re-hydrated.  

-Skip meals, EVER!  This is always counter-productive.  If you're not in the mood today for a salad or veggie plate, look for another healthy alternative.  Keeping variety in your "healthy meal of the day" is key to sticking with it.  
-Give up the foods you love.  
If you eat cake for dessert, eat half a piece.  If it's pizza night, have a salad with it and enjoy at least one piece, two if you feel like you still want it BUT...only put one on your plate at a time. 
-Force yourself to live off salads & fresh veggies.  You'll only make yourself despise the foods that are good for you.  
-Burn yourself out starting 2hr workouts if you haven't seen the inside of a gym in 5yrs.  A routine you keep will have to be enjoyable and reasonable.  
-Give up soda "cold turkey".  Abruptly stopping your caffeine consumption can cause severe headaches and make you feel generally sluggish.  You'll feel much better if decrease your soda intake slowly. 

If you slip, don't be hard on yourself.  Just laugh it off and start again.  If you keep the journey relaxed and fun, you're more likely to keep up the good work. 

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