Saturday, August 24, 2013

Color Rules Don't Always Apply!

The traditional "rules" about choosing one or two colors for your wedding (or other event) and everything matching to a tee are quickly falling to the wayside for a much more relaxed atmosphere and color "palette". 

Today's couples are having fun with it as they incorporate a color scheme instead of that perfect "do or die" color.  Their finding that color groupings of 3 or even 4 colors that share similar attributes (or sometimes even those that clash on purpose) open up many more options for their decorating choices.  Of course we all know every item isn't available in every possible color so this greatly increases the chances for that perfect dress, or that lovely centerpiece, to fit nicely into our decor.  

I'm very proud of this forward-thinking generation.  It's a change toward the practical without loosing any of the elegance.  They've managed to take the next step in trading in their mother's pearls for tennis shoes.  Way to go couples!  Keep on marching to the beat of your own drum. 

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