Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Don't Forget to Make it About YOU!

Your celebration, whatever it may be, should be a reflection of your own personality.

Whether it's a milestone birthday, a graduation party, an anniversary or your big wedding day, take the time early in the planning process to decide what about piece of your personality you would like to showcase.

Are you a reader?  Stacks of books can be incorporated in your centerpieces, or invite guests to bring a used book to create an exchange as part of the party.  Are you into music?  Think about decor that includes samples of your favorite musical style.  Have a charity near to your heart?  There's no shame in asking guests to bring a non-monetary donation to your event such as a canned food for a pantry, a school supply item for a local classroom, or even baby items for a low-income maternity center.  Whatever your passion happens to be, let your guests know that side of you.  It keeps your celebration warm and personal.

Now, we do acknowledge that as a couple, it's not always easy to find a blend of your passions.  Maybe he likes cars and she likes horses.  Not a problem.  Consider alternating table centerpieces that reflect each.  Horses on this table and cars on the next.  The only rules are that you have fun and are happy with your presentation.

Worried about keeping a sense of elegance while sharing this bit of yourself?  That's why you'll want the expertise of a coordinator in your corner.  We can dress up any theme you throw at us.  That's what we do because that's a reflection of our passion.  We love to make you look good!

Have lots of fun and remember if it's worth celebrating, it should be all about YOU!

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